A Beautiful Fall Day in Oregon


I know this is a little off the subject of my Arts & Crafts Studio but it does apply in some ways.

I woke up this morning and it was crisp inside the house.  I still had not turned on the furnace and I had the windows open for fresh air.  Well, it way 60 degrees in the house and just a little too cold for me to do any crafting or typing.  I finally had to turn on the heat (of course I only set it to 65 degrees).

Since it was so cold inside I decided to go outside this morning.  The air was so fresh and crisp it was invigorating.  The Fall colors are finally beginning to show on the trees, the Fall flowers are in full bloom, and the ducks and geese are flying around (I think they are going South, who knows).

What is the purpose of this, you say?  I love Fall with all the rich, vibrant colors in oranges, golds, deep yellow and mustard, and browns. Some of the maple trees are a deep burgundy or there are the bright red ones.  Think of this color palette for some of your Fall decorating, crafting, and card making.  It’s harvest time so make some cards with pumpkins and Fall leaves.  Make a Fall wreath for your door with paper leaves, use some pine cones you have collected from the forest or city parks (I don’t think they mind if you pick up the ones on the ground), and look around for some dried seed pods.

Inspiration is in the air!


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