Blog Development Update

The most beautiful (spoiled) cat in the world.

Cleo is my BFF.

I hope you will see a photo of my very bestest friend….Cleo.  She and I have been together for about 10 years now.  She is a pure bred Maine Coon (she has papers and not just to sit on).  She has a real attitude and knows she is “top Cat” in the house.  She is always bossing my other kitties around.  Cleopatra even gives me a tongue lashing occasionally.  Yes, she always has THAT look on her face.  Most of the time she just can’t be bothered to respond when I call her name out.  This will result in her spending the night closed into the craft room because she didn’t come out when I called.  Do you think she’ll ever learn for her experience?  Or is she waiting for me to change MY behavior?

I’m playing around with the limited number of fonts, so the postings will look different until I decide what I like best.  Feedback and opinions are gladly accepted.


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