Organize Yourself to Scrapbook


Check out this article from Kathleen Rensel all about starting your scrapbook, how to organize and coordinate your pages.  Click on the title to go to the BellaOnline website for more great articles!

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Plan Your Scrapbook

By Kathleen Rensel, BellaOnline’s Scrapbooking Editor

When starting a scrapbook, take time to organize some ideas and make a plan. Now is the time to decide how the layouts will be organized. Forms of organization may include a theme or color scheme. There may also be a chronological format. The album may be about one person or family, including heritage albums. Or it may be organized by event.Most people want their album to have a look that is coordinated and cohesive. How can you plan for that? Here are some ideas to help:1. Choose coordinating paper. Many companies make paper that coordinates with similar colors or theme. It is easier to bring your “look” together if it was made to be together in the first place. Coordinated paper doesn’t have to be made by the same company though. Bring together a few similar patterns or colors. Or just run one similar color or paper throughout the pages. It will help tie everything together.2. Grab a few sheets of matching cardstock. It isn’t always about the patterned paper. Cardstock can be used as page bases or photo frames. It can be stamped to make personalized patter papers. It is always good to add some neutral color(s) too. That doesn’t always mean white. Black, grey or browns, even to an off-white are all acceptable neutrals.3. Decide on photos. Is there a certain event, person or place to scrapbook about? It is good to get photos that go together, rather than random ones. Note: layouts can be made completely without photos. If the theme was determined first, this will be easier to do. Just make sure the photos go with the theme!

4. Get embellishments that help coordinate the layouts. Maybe use the same embellishment on each page. Or use a similar embellishment but in different colors or textures. For example, use ribbon on each layout, but use a different color or use thick or thin ribbons to make it similar but not “the same.”

Now it is time to learn your tools. A couple of the basic tools needed are a cutter and adhesive. Learn how to use them. Practice a few cuts (and measurements) before using them to cut for the album layouts. Do some research as to what adhesive works the best for the project or use you have for them. Learn where to use a lot of adhesive vs. less.

The plan is now ready. Start working on each page one at a time. Use sketches or find designs that work for the album. Soon, the album will be complete.


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