MDS 2 Discs Now Available


When it comes to digital designing, “too much of a good thing” never happens. Because with My Digital Studio™, good only gets better.

Use My Digital Studio to design and print cards, photobooks, calendars, and more.  You make it you and we take it from there.

Tempt yourself. Here’s how it works:
1.  Get the design program. Want the software this second, or from a disc in the mail?  Want it decked out with content to get you going? You choose.
2.  Shop your faves. Get your fix with thousands of exclusive downloads . . .and new ones every Tuesday.  More digital content = more satisfaction.
3.  Design, design, design. Get in your groove and then just keep on going.  Use designer templates or start from scratch. Either way, make it you.
4.  Order your project.  And revel in your creative genius.

Go Ahead…Indulge
Can’t get enough?  Go to for ideas, tips and all things digital.
MDS 2+  (software + hundreds of dollars in digital artwork)
$79.95 us     Download 130646    Disc 130647
MDS 2™  (software only)
$39.95 us     Download 130644     Disc 130645

To order, click here to go to my Online Store.


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