Definition of C.A.S.E.


Many of you have seen the abbreviation – C.A.S.E. in conjunction with crafters and their artwork.  Here is my definition, which I’ve C.A.S.E.’d from various crafting sites.

                                                                  C.A.S.E.   –   “Copy and share everything.”

I will be C.A.S.E.-ing (be inspired by) many, many ideas from other paper crafters.  Then I will be sharing my unique creations with you.  As is the custom, I will also tell you where I originally got the idea (give credit where credit is due).  I believe it is very difficult to come up with a completely new, unique, and unseen before idea since there are so many wonderfully talented people out in the world.  Thank you!

Happy stampin’ !     -Sandra-


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