Revised Postings Schedule


I woke up last night about 1:20 AM with my brain just working about 1000 miles an hour.  Ideas were rushing through my head and I just had to get up and write them down.  I’ve revised, maybe refined, the categories for my daily postings.  Here are my new ideas:

Manly Monday:  cards that would be appropriate to send to a man.

Techniques Tuesday:  showcase a different technique every week.  Sometimes one technique done several ways (embossing, water-coloring, etc.).

Wacky Wednesday:  basically whatever I think of on that day.  I can’t think of something better right now.

ABC Thursday:  Anything But a Card.  Meaning things like decorations, banners, treat containers, scrapbook pages, small pocket photo books, etc.

Fabric Friday:  gifts and decorative items made with Stampin’ Up! fabrics.  I don’t sew very well so these ideas will be no-sew or simple (straight line) sewing projects.

Saturday Surprises:  holiday cards, special occasion cards (birthday, get well, etc.), fancy cards, etc.

Simple Sunday:  similar to my Any Occasion cards, simple and quick cards.  Generally these will have no sentiments on them so they can be sent to friends and family “just because.”

I admit that I am focusing a lot on cards.  If you are interested in any particular type of project, just post a comment and I will do my best to satisfy your curiosity.  Being fairly new to blogging, I don’t have the knowledge or skills to make videos therefore, I will provide links for you if I’ve borrowed (C.A.S.E’d) an idea from another crafter.

Happy stampin’ !     -Sandra-


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