January is National Hobby Month!


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A few words from Cori H., Marketing Director, Stampin’ Up! about National Hobby Month

I love the start of a new year! It gives me a chance to evaluate the past year and set new goals for the year ahead. January is National Hobby Month and so I thought it would fun to have a few of my goals revolve around my hobbies this year. One of the things I don’t do nearly enough is stamp! I seem to find myself letting the rest of life get in the way. However, when I stamp, it gives me an opportunity to escape—even for just a few moments. So, my goal or resolution for 2013? To stamp every week!

Stamping each week will give me some “me time,” but it will also help me do more things that make a difference to those around me. I kicked off my stamping goal by making a couple of quick and simple cards to thank people for the gifts and acts of kindness I received over the holidays.

I certainly know stamping is not the only hobby out there, so to celebrate National Hobby Month, each Wednesday in January we will share a different hobby with you. Who knows? Maybe you will want to try something new, or simply refocus on a favorite hobby that you have gotten too busy for.

Happy New Year and happy stamping!  Cori H.   Marketing Director

I think Cori is right on track with her idea of personal stamping time.  Let’s all make a commitment to ourselves (no, I’m not calling it a New Year’s resolution) to set aside some “ME TIME” and relax for at least a few of hours a week doing what we love to do!

Happy stampin’ !    -Sandra-


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