The Making of an Art Journal – Part 2


Well, I did not like the brightness of the Melon Mambo ink on the covers of the journal.  So I used some diluted brown acrylic paint to tone down the brightness.  I didn’t like the way it looked after that process.


So, I decided to paint it out with off white acrylic paint.


Here’s a close-up of the raised designs.

006              007

You can still see a little of the Melon Mambo ink underneath but that will disappear as we go along.


Now, after I covered the whole mess with the Ivory acrylic paint, I used Mod Podge and glued down some more of the First Edition Specialty DSP (Annual catalog) and pieces of the Tea for Two DSP from the Spring 2013 catalog.  I’ve also added some white lace (to the bottom right of the left hand cover) and a swirl of off white lace (to the upper left of the right hand cover).  Close ups of the lace additions are below:

??????????         ??????????

Stay tuned for more….I’m not sure I like the stark white lace on the left.  I’ve noticed the pictures give me a different perspective of the colors and layout of the art journal.  This is a great way to “take a step back” are really evaluate your creation to see if it’s becoming what you want.

Happy crafting!    -Sandra-


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