So Sorry for My Absence!



I apologize for my absence over the past two weeks.

My sweet little kitty, Serenity, was diagnosed with Diabetes and I have been almost constantly watching her, tending to her, and loving her during this time.  When I first took her in to the vet and she was diagnosed, she spent two days at the vet trying to get her blood sugar down to a manageable level.  Her first readings were up around 800 then 600!  We cannot get the right dosage of insulin for her.  She goes in to the vet twice a week to have her blood sugar checked.  Last week it was way too low (49)!  She goes back today at 1:00 PM for another check.  She has lost so much weight that she is only fur and bones.  The vet said she should be around 8 pounds for her size but right now she is under 6 pounds!

I am so afraid for her.  She does not complain.  She has a healthy appetite for the canned food she is now getting but can’t seem to gain much weight.

Thank you for your understanding.  I will be working on some cards & projects and posting soon.



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    • Thank you for your kind thoughts. Serenity is still not doing well. Her blood sugar reading was too low yesterday! It seems to go up and down without much logic. We are still on 1.5 units of glucose two times a day. Doctor wants to recheck next Tuesday. If all is not well, we’ll do a complete blood analysis to see if she has other problems – like thyroid issues. My little baby is being so brave!


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