NEW! From Stampin’ Up!


Have you subscribed to the monthly Paper Pumpkin kits?  I’ve given a few examples of the monthly kits in the past.  Here’s the latest from Headquarters…

Paper Pumpkin Kit in Action

June 25, 2013

Great news-you can see June’s Paper Pumpkin kit in action in a new video!

This video is a great way for you to learn how to put the contents of the kit together.  It’s also the perfect way for me to introduce you to the Paper Pumpkin experience.  You’ll see just how easy it is to enjoy a creativity escape each month.

Check it out here: 

Here’s the link in case the video doesn’t work:

Hope this inspires you to sign up for Paper Pumpkin, a monthly kit that comes straight to your doorstep.  It’s intended to fit right into your busy schedule with a project that is a 30-minute creativity escape.

Go to  to sign up for your Pumpkin today!

Happy creating!    -Sandra-


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