My Orchid Finally Blooms!



This is an orchid plant that I’ve had since 1991.  It usually blooms once a year in the winter (around February-March).  This year it bloomed a little later, in April, but the flowers are all still there and I just love the color!  I also have another orchid, same kind as this one (don’t know what it is) but the other one has NEVER bloomed for me.  They get watered at the same time, they sit side by side in front of the patio doors, they have the same indoor climate, they get the same fertilizer (when I remember to do it) but one blooms annually and one doesn’t.

One of the big mysteries of life.

Just thought I would share my pretty, pretty flowers.

Do something crafty today!    -Sandra-


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  1. It is so pretty! My firm buys 3 of them for our reception area. Our are white. They lost their flowers and then TOSS them. I have taken a few over the years to try and get them to grow, but never had luck. It must be that I haven’t had them long enough for them to flower again. Hmmm. I do have luck with the firm amaryllis as I take the bulbs and replant them and some do come back. Thanks for sharing!


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