NEW – Thinlits Card Dies


These are soooooo cool!!!  We saw them at Convention 2013 and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.  It saves lots of time and aggravation (at least for me) trying to put together this card style.  I think you will love them too.

They’ve been called flip cards, flip flop cards, swing cards, and more – but they have always been a bit tricky to create.  Not anymore!  Our amazing new Thinlits Card Dies cut and score to create a card that flips in just one easy step.

Available August 1, 2013

There are some products you just have to see in action before you realize how much you need them, right?  This is one of them!

These new card dies come with extra die pieces that have versatile designs, so you can use them on other projects, not just flip cards.  (The Circle Card Thinlits Die, #133480, comes with 10 total pieces; the Label Card Thinlits Die, #133479, comes with nine total pieces.)  Both dies are $32.95 each.  I can’t show you pictures of the dies just yet — check back on August 1st!

Happy crafting!   -Sandra-


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