On a Personal Note…


I apologize to all my viewers, customers, and friends for being away from my blog for almost two weeks.  On Labor Day, September 2nd, my sweet, dear friend, Cleopatra died from kidney failure.  She was only diagnosed in June of this year and she declined quickly.

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This is my beautiful Cleopatra.  She is a Maine Coon – such a lovely girl!

When she died, I was devastated and completely unable to function or think.  So, I went on a trip.  I packed a few clothes and got in my car and drove around Oregon for 8 days.  I wanted to come to terms with loosing my sweet girl.  It hasn’t worked very well.  Now that I’m home again everything reminds me of her and I still feel her presence in the house.

However, I’m back and I’m re-committing myself to posting the latest and greatest news from Stampin’ Up!, the current specials, and paper crafting ideas (my creations).

I hope you will continue to visit and post comments to any of my creations.  I’d love to read about your feedback on what I’ve made.  Tell me what you have created and if I’ve inspired you to make something great.

Thank you!    ~Sandra~


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  1. I am so sorry for our loss. I know how hard it is to say goodbye to such a loyal friend. Glad you got away for a bit to reflect etc. I lost my Emily the year after I lost my hubby. I swear she got me through that first year. Time will help make the memories sweeter. Hugs!


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